@We currently facilitate the production lines with modern CNC lathe machines that cover every possibility of machining from small to large diameter work, resulting in producing high value added. The demand of the next generation is sufficiently satisfied with products created by friendly-designed operation system under high-level working environment secured by various tool units and high-pressure coolant.

@To keep improving makes us stay competitive in the industry. Therefore, we participate in the Research and Development with effort. As long as you send us the drafts or samples of your products, we are able to process the production.

@To ensure the requested quality, we randomly test and evaluate the products prior to each shipment. We have equipped the facilities including digital callipers, microscopes, gauges, and linear scales for quality control in order to meet customers' satisfaction. To increase customer satisfaction with our products and services by continuously striving for excellence and utilizing the most advanced skills, knowledge and technology, we adopt FQC (Final Quality Control) and IPQC (In-process Quality Control ) to provide all material certificates and inspective documents.