@ Established in 1998, and located in Changhua, Taiwan, Usual is a company that specializes in the manufacture of mechanical parts. Using CNC lathe machines, the majority of our manufacture items include: brass handicrafts, sprinklers, bathroom materials, electronic parts, and special screws.

@To accommodate specific requests, our research and development team works in cooperation with other manufacturers, leaving no request behind. We encourage you to email, fax or send us any blueprints or pictures for any required products.

@If it falls within our manufacturing limits, we are confident that we can create your required products with the most competitive pricing possible. In addition, all products are tested and evaluated prior to shipping using the latest in microscopic technology. As a result of our flexibility and dedication to quality, we have become one of the most respected manufacturers in the surrounding area.

@Outside of our ceaseless efforts to be flexible and dedicated to producing quality products, we are successful based on cost efficiency. The bulk of our business amounts from supplying customers with products (OEM) that are far too expensive to produce in their home countries. In Taiwan, we are able to house the high technology production facilities, and manufacture products with a low labor overhead, and inexpensively ship and receive.

@We appreciate the time you have taken thus far, and encourage you, if interested, to visit our website at Or better yet, contact Fred for more information regarding any comments or questions you may have.